Posted: 07.12.2015 in TIN TUYỂN DỤNG


ü Customs declaration

ü Monitoring and following all import shipments from oversea to inside factory

ü Communicating with foreign supplier to instruct them to ship cargo to company

ü Working with other departments to understand the request and support which are related to Logistics activities

ü Import shipments are shipped as agreed schedule.

ü Timely declared Customs to avoid storage charge.

ü Understanding and following instruction from Corporate on Routing instruction

ü Understanding all kind of company import items

ü Strictly follow Company regulations and Customs laws


ü Experienced in Import & Export activities

ü Knowledge of Customs regulation

ü Knowledge of Incoterms

ü University with major in Business Administration, Foreign language, Accountant…

ü Problem solving skills

ü English skills

ü Communication skills

ü Work well under high pressure

To apply, send your CV to: Staffing.osv@onsemi.com

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