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Distribution Planning Specialist


Job description:

  1. Monitor the DRP (Distribution Requirement Planning) by geographical network:
  • Review forecasting and distribution planning of DRP team members to ensure meeting service level and RDC/ Shop warehouse capacity
  • Alert TNA projection by geographical area
  • Assist Distribution Planning Supervisor in DRP planning nationwide by alerting any issue/ risk
  • Do forecasting analysis the distribution planning for promotion and events and review distribution planning timely
  • Follow the distribution planning of Distribution Planning Supervisor in ad-hoc situation by geography area
  • Provide analysis at high level for up-line overview and improvement solution
  • Monitor team tasks by set metrics
  • Write guideline/ work instruction for all tasks in DRP process and system interaction
  • Assist Distribution Planning Supervisor to monitor the team daily tasks to ensure complying with set procedures and guidelines
  1. Monitor Inventory Controlling:
  • Lead the Stock Count and Stock Reconciliation
  • Monitor obsolete stock and work out disposal plan with Finance
  • Monitor excess stock and communicate with partners to drive action plan
  • Monitor inventory accuracy and inventory adjustment to ensure complying the set procedure
  1. Monitor the inventory of RDC/ Shop in system by geographical area:
  • Ensure FIFO and stock accuracy for stock transferring in system
  • Develop reports as requested by Up-line

Follow Distribution guideline and communicate with Marketing, Sales, Distribution and IT:

  • Set up new bundle item (complex conditions) in AS400
  • Set up new promotion (complex schemes) in AS400
  • Set up new warehouse location in AS400
  • Set Back Order in AS400
  1. Act as leader of team by geographical area:
  • Including: Planning Assistant, Planning Officer
  • Evaluate team member performance
  • Lead simple projects

Job requirements

  • BA/BS in Business Administration, Industrial Engineering
  • At least 2 years’ experience in related role
  • Level C in English
  • Familiar with system SAP, ERP, AS400
  • Key Supply Chain Principles: Understanding of key Supply Chain principles and strategies
  • Knowledge of the Business:  Ability to make good business decision based on basic understanding of key financial elements, supply chain priorities and customer requirements
  • Systems Aptitude: Ability to comfortably work with advanced Supply Chain Planning Systems and tools; 2-year experience in interacting with AS400 and JDE systems for DRP tasks; ability to understand how system interact with each other and leverage system capabilities to drive supply chain efficiencies
  • Problem Solving: Develop solutions to a variety of routine problems of limited scope by working with peers and using application of basic principles
  • Process Improvement:  Ability to challenge current processes and drive continuous improvement.
  • Interpret Data: Know and use data fields and scientific method/ techniques for conducting analysis
  • Communicate Business Information: Effectively communicating and presenting complex data (both verbally and written) to influence audience; helps others understand data and translate it into actionable business insights; demonstrate ability to construct presentation within peer group; tailor message to meet needs of audience


Closing Date: 31 Dec 2015

Details required from applicants:

All applications please state in English and should be forwarded to

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