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Amway Vietnam is an affiliate of Amway Corporation and launched its business as 100% foreign-owned company in February 2008. We have our own manufacturing facility in Amata Industrial Zone, Dong Nai, producing quality products in nutrition, beauty and homecare.
Our vision is to work each and every day to help people live better lives. We achieve our vision by helping people discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering better products and opportunities, and by sharing with the community. To help us realize our vision, we have six enduring values that the business has been built on, including Partnership, Integrity, Personal Worth, Achievement, Personal Responsibility, and Free Enterprise.
Over the last 10 years, Amway One by One has bettered the lives of more than 10 million children. This year we CELEBRATE that milestone. This year, we RECOGNIZE stories from around the world. This year, we CHALLENGE ourselves to commit to do even more.

We invite you to consider a career with Amway by applying to below vacancies:


Procurement & Project Management Manager


Job description: 

  1. Establish and develop procurement objectives and execution plan to be in line with annual operational and long-term business plan

–       Cooperate with functional teams to plan for annual capital and expense budget that is align with business plan

–       Control capital purchase expenditures to assure adherence of approved budget

–       Analyse and evaluate purchasing spending and market trends to identify new sourcing initiatives and cost saving opportunities

–       Develop procurement objective and execution plans strategically and operationally to be in line with company strategy and targets

  1. Lead and manage procurement activities to ensure supply of goods and services provided for manufacturing operations in good quality, adequate, timely and cost effectively 

–       Liaise with functional team leaders for insightful understanding of their needs and requirements

–       Evaluate and negotiate terms of major purchases for best value achievement

–       Verify and approve proposals and supplier selection of purchases within established limit of authority

–       Establish and implement procurement procedure effectively and in alignment with company policy

  1. Develop new sourcing plan and sourcing strategy to ensure sufficient and reliable vendor pool and alternative sources to provide availability and continuity of supply 

–       Analyse company needs, market trend and suppliers’ capability to identify new sourcing opportunities and strategy

–       Participate in new sourcing projects by conducting supplier business ability and commercial assessment, cooperate with related teams to select new qualified suppliers

–       Establish supplier evaluation procedure and conduct supplier performance evaluation through supplier audit and KPI

–       Strengthen supplier relationship to secure terms that meet company’s best interest

  1. Lead and develop the project management plan by cooperating with related teams to ensure new product launch meet successful metrics (financial, profile, time)

–       Develop and manage project plan to ensure new product launch meet successful metrics

–       Coordinate with related teams in project check-ups on the progress and propose changes if required

–       Assess project status and impacts, develop solution to manage the risks and determine resources needed

–       Review project management process for continuous improvement for business need and strategy

–       Create and enhance effective communication channel with key stakeholders and project teams

  1. Control import/export operations to meet supply requirement and alignment with business ethics and legal compliance

–       Achieve agreed standard of operational efficiency throughout overseas transportation and customs clearance process

–       Support functions through effective people management, cost control planning innovation and communication in order to achieve high internal customer satisfaction

  1. Hire, train and develop talent to build a capable team

–       Hire right talent for each position

–       Develop talent with on-the-job training, project assignment etc.

–       Set clear objectives for the team and individual, feedback performance periodically

–       Organize team activity periodically to help team member understand each other

–       Motivate, recognize and support team member for their continuous growth

Job requirements

–       Bachelor and up degree, major in foreign trade, economics, business administration etc.

–       Minimum 5-year management experience in procurement or project management in multinational companies

–       Ability to build strong partnership with others

–       Good in execution planning and work organizing

–       Ability on change management and risk taking

–       Have analytical thinking ability and problem solving skills

–       Strong skills and knowledge in project management.

–       Good ability in developing, coaching and motivating others

–       Ability of delegation and empowerment to down-line

–       Strong verbal and written communication skills in English

–       Excellent interpersonal skills


Closing Date:  31 Dec 2015

Details required from applicants:

All applications please state in English and should be forwarded to

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