BriskHeat – DESIGNER

Posted: 30.09.2015 in TIN TUYỂN DỤNG


– Receive field drawings of piping/tubing systems to be heated with heater jackets.
– Break into jackets, finding maximum number of existing jacket geometries/shapes but minimizing the total number of heater jackets in the system.
– Must be familiar with and able to work within a library/matrix of BriskHeat Geometry Codes (G-Codes) for heater jacket shapes.
– Create 3D solid model for any new jacket geometry, using SolidWorks.
– Document any new G-Codes for new heater jacket shapes.
– Assemble all new and old 3D geometry files for the system into a single SolidWorks assembly file.
– Save the assembly file and patterns using Pack&Go feature of SolidWorks into a labeled directory on an FTP site or other file exchange website.
– Provide link to the files within an email.
– Send an email for new system which includes link and also must include the customer requirements provided by appropriate Design Checklists.
Job requirement:
– Knowledge and skills on creating Patterns Drawings (geometry model only)
– Skills using SolidWorks brand 3D CAD software.
– Skills using Microsoft Office software (including EXCEL and WORD).
– Ability to fill-out Design Checklists.
– Advanced in English
** Please send your resume in English to email: – Handphone: 0919 052 839

BriskHeat Vietnam 100% invested by US., expers in the field of production heating jackets and insulators, control equipment / accessories for a variety of applications. Our Partners are companies that manufacture petrochemicals, emiconductors, food processing, aerospace,biotechnology, steel, laboratories, power generation and other industries. We are now running a factory in Amata Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province For the expanding operation’s purpose we are seeking quality candidates for following position:

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